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If you have an Apple computer
and live on planet Earth - Call arobasegroup.
End of discussion.

-Theodore Rosendorf
Author, "The Typographic Desk Reference"



Problem Solver and Apple Authority
As an IT client advocate, arobasegroup expertly advises companies on how to best leverage Apple products and all other technology related to the information infrastructure. 

We’re obviously doing it right! Georgia Power, our very first client, has retained us since 1998. 

arobasegroup is unique in our industry because we advise our clients in any capacity they see fit. In some cases we only assist with the initial deployment of the IT infrastructure. Oftentimes though, we serve as a company’s entire IT Department.

We listen to our clients and provide specifically tailored solutions consisting of hardware, software, networking, infrastructure security tools, collaboration platforms, disaster recovery and backup services as required for any size business and budget.

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Creative problem solving and I highly recommend them.

-James Patrick
CFO & COO, Hodges Ward Elliott

Managed Services

Proactive Efficiency
arobasegroup MSP (Managed Services Plan) monitors your local network and all your devices. Our solution automatically updates and installs software and detects malware, which resolves small issues before they affect your business and productivity. 

arobasegroup MSP utilizes a remote access solution providing immediate access to a machine when needed to solve a problem or troubleshoot an issue. Our MSP also helps guarantee the security of the your data using encryption and the ability to remotely lock or even erase a device if lost or stolen.


You guys are worth every penny and more.

-Sheetal Wrzesien
Senior Manager, The Home Depot



Minimizing Exposure
Cybersecurity concerns threaten both large and small businesses alike.

arobasegroup assesses your network for vulnerabilities, recommends password management solutions, filters spam, and trains your users in best practices to help protect your environment from both phishing attacks and social engineering.

arobasegroup also monitors the dark web for our clients, reporting on any data breaches or compromises associated with company domains or even personal email addresses. Identity theft and loss of IP are concerns we take very seriously.

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They are absolutely the best!

louis r. cohan
founder, cohan law group