"If you have an apple computer and live on planet Earth call arobase group.
End of discussion."

- Theodore Rosendorf
Author, "The Typographic Desk Reference"



Problem Solver and Apple Authority
arobasegroup has been consulting with our clients on the best use of Apple Technology since 1998 when we started working with Georgia Power; who still retains us. We advise our clients in any capacity they see fit, sometimes only assisting with the initial setup of their IT infrastructure while often fulfilling the ongoing role of an IT Department. We advise on hardware, software, networking, file sharing methodology, collaboration tools, disaster recovery & backup. We listen to our clients and then advise and deploy a solution designed to address their specific needs. We act as an advocate for our clients in all things related to information technology.  


Creative problem solving and I highly
recommend them.

James Patrick
CFO & COO, Hodges Ward Elliott


Managed Services

Proactive Efficiency
arobasegroup offers a managed services plan that monitors both your local network and all your devices allowing for automatic software update installation and malware detection. This helps us resolve small issues before they can negatively affect your environment and productivity. 
arobasegroup provides remote support with these plans, allowing us access to our clients computers only when they approve and therefore we are able to more immediately resolve any issues they might have while maintaining a high level of security and privacy at the same time.

Appreciate your help!  You guys are worth every penny and more!!!

Sheetal Wrzesien
Senior Manager, The Home Depot


FileMaker Development

Databases Redefined
arobasegroup runs on FileMaker. We develop solutions for ourselves and our clients. FileMaker is used to manage contacts, inventory, projects, and more by various industries. FileMaker works seamlessly across iPad, iPhone, Mac, the web, and even Windows.
arobasegroup has built FileMaker solutions for Real Estate, Law, Restaurant, Advertising, and Retail industries. It is a very robust and easily extensible relationship based database platform.


They get the job done!

Rachel Alderman Wallack
Director, VOX Teen Communications